Reset Your Life Algorithm

It’s been going on for a while and annoying me for a while but today I decided to take back the rhythm of my life!  These algorithms that are all around us, tracking our every move and trying to predict our next move and our next thought are like pesky sheepdogs nipping at our heels, trying to keep us in line.

And. I. Am. Tired. Of. It.

I am a busy person like everyone else and I’ll check into Yahoo or Google or Facebook to make sure that the rest of the world is still out there.

More and more, they offered less and less for me.  If I really wanted to find out what was going on, I’d have to find some other sites to give me some news.  We had a horrible local tragedy going on here and I could not find one update on it on Yahoo!

My Yahoo feed pretty much consists of dogs: happy dogs, abused dogs, horrible dog stories, dog rescue stories, dog psychology stories … stories speculating on whether my dogs love me (or not).  They do.

I love dogs, don’t get me wrong.

And God forgive me, apparently I clicked on a dog story or two because now Yahoo’s algorithm has decided that since I liked that one, I must ONLY want to read about dogs.

If I like something in Facebook, it is because I like it at that moment.  I like what it said or the picture or … whatever.  It doesn’t mean that is ALL I like or will like EVER!

If I buy a book or download some music, that is not to say that I will only read those books or listen to that music.  I accidentally clicked on a pillowcase in an online store.  A pattern I hated, by the way, and that damn thing haunted my pages, lurking around on the side of my reading for WEEKS.  Now it keeps showing me other sheet sets like the one I hated!  Ugh.

Take a look at this article for some great insights into the Algorithms.  Chances are, you hadn’t really considered how pervasive and how controlling these really can be.

The 10 Algorithms that Dominate Our World  by George Dvorsky

“Indeed, along with PageRank and Facebook’s Newsfeed, these algorithms are creating a so-called filter bubble, a phenomenon in which users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints — effectively isolating them in their own culture of ideological “bubbles.” This could result in what Eli Pariser calls “information determinism” where our previous internet-browsing habits determine our future.”    Read George Dvorsky’s Article Here.

The “filter bubble” is what I afraid of, for myself and others.  I don’t want my information determined by my previous clicks.  Our past completely dictating our future?  People change and learn and grow and will click new things given the chance!

So I am setting out to find new things and to share them.  I hope you will enjoy them and click on them and share them (and by so doing, change your algorithm and your life rhythm as well!)

Come back and share great things you’ve found too.   The more we share what is NOT in our newsfeeds, the sooner we’ll have our ankles free of the nipping and be able to roam free in the world wide web!

Here’s a fun place to begin!  News 360

Let’s burst that filter bubble!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was originally published on 11/1/15 and has been revamped and updated as part of moving my blogs.]

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