Road Trip! The American Dream

My first set of wheels were roller skates.  I remember hanging on to the fence as my feet rolled every which way and I couldn’t keep them under me at all!  But when I finally figured it out, it was such a taste of freedom to roll down the block with the wind in my hair!

OK, not so much wind.  I was 5.  How fast could I skate?!  But it was a first taste of wheeled-freedom!

Next, like most kids, I longed for a bike and boyo, once I had my new bike, I was FREE!  Man, with these wheels I could spin around the block in no time.  There was a little more wind in my hair!   I soon found I could say I was going around the block and go all the way to the park and back!  What a sense of freedom when we rode all the way to the beach one day!  Freedom and independence.

You see, the buses were so restrictive.  We’d have to wait for them to arrive and slog along stopping at each corner.  They went in a straight line, from point  A to B.  On our bikes, we could stay or go when we wanted.  We could veer off and take the roads less traveled!  We could take one route to the beach and another home.  We could explore.

And then it was high school.  Driver’s Ed.  Driver’s license! The ultimate badge of the American child’s rite of passage into adulthood!  Those wheels really meant freedom.

I’ve been driving for 40 years and I still love it.  It still represents freedom to me.  And like so many others, I have Route 66 on my bucket list!  What is the call of the road for us?

We grew up hearing and singing America the Beautiful.  We heard about the beauty “from sea to shining sea.”  Since our country is so big and so varied in landscape, we wanted to SEE “from sea to shining sea.”  

We wanted to explore and experience all of it. To have a country that is comprised of so much land space, with no borders between states is unique and we just want to see it all!  Cross country trains were great but they go to one place.  Cars (like our bikes before) could take us off the beaten track.

Building roads so that Americans could discover their country in their cars was so popular it spurred engineering feats.  Look at Going-to-the-Sun-Road in Glacier National Park!  It was built so that people could enjoy the mountain heights without having to climb up there!  It is only open for a few months a year but is a truly amazing road!

I am still planning to drive Route 66 but I’m up for road trips, big and small.  So I was intrigued when I spotted this to day on Atlas Obscura.    Resurrecting the Original Road Trip on America’s Ghost Highway.

What a great story of how a bench discovered in the brush of Texas with the letters OST woven into the decor.  No one knew what they meant or why the bench was there!   Thus began Charlotte Kahl’s obsession with the Old Spanish Trail, a route that runs from St. Augustine in Florida to San Diego, California.

She is working to rediscover the road, reintroduce people to the road “and if her plan works, in 2029, a celebratory caravan of cars will start in St. Augustine and travel all the way to San Diego, on the the very same trip the road’s founders made 100 years before, when the trail was finally completed.”

Now there’s a plan!  I’m in!

If you are a road-trip dreamer like so many of us are, here’s another one for your bucket list!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was originally published on 11/29/2015 and has been revamped and updated as part of the big blog move!]

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