For a Little While

I can imagine
for a little while
that you haven’t gone.

Maybe you are playing the piano
in the other room –

although that would be quite odd.

Or maybe it’s you typing:
clicking away with such determination –

but no, that too would be really odd.

Or maybe you are reading the paper,
silently, so that there’s only an occasional
rustle of a page turn or maybe
a twap of annoyance as the paper
bends in all the wrong places.

That would make more sense.

But there I go again.
Trying to make sense.

There is no sense here.
You have gone.
I have not.

I can only imagine that for
brief interludes
and not the vast
expanse of eternity.

Maybe that was you
the stair creaking, the footfall




Patt Timlin is a marketing expert set on sharing her expertise with other online marketers to help them achieve the dream of working online. She is secretly pleased with the surge in content marketing as revenge of the English majors! Entrepreneur, blogger, guide, helper – Patt loves the online world and loves to share it!

Patt is the author of:


Spot4connectionsblog [focus beginners online]

Work At Home Product Guide 

Patt Timlin Online 

BloggerPatt! [just for the fun of it!]

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