To run?

Some moms keep an upbeat trill going in the background
like cheerleaders for their children
cheering and leaping and cartwheeling
doing back-flips for their children
in an effort to keep the dank, dark horrors
of the earth away
as if ignoring the depravity that can be human
makes it unreal.

My mom was afraid.

Of, you ask?

I didn’t finish the sentence because
we could well include everything!
Sun, moon, air, water, bugs, animals
anything outside really
and people too
and past and present.
No cheerleading there!
No positive trill.
But a barage of “what if’s”
and “maybes” and “be carefuls.”
A world of worry obsessed her
so that she could only be happy
if I was sleeping and then, even then
there was the worry of tomorrow.

So I should not be surprised that
when she comes to me now to visit
it is with warning.

Everyone loves a ghost with warnings!
“Stairs.  Run.”

Great, right?  Shouldn’t she be telling
me NOT to run on the stairs like she
had all those years?  Or maybe she
is just trying to change it up?!

So I am left with the conundrum.
It’s MY mom we’re talking about here
so of course she would come with a
warning of some sort, that is just
her!  Just how she was.

I hope.

But what if …

See?  She’s got me doing it now!
What if there is really something I
need to be warned about?

I shall keep the words at hand,mom.

Stairs. Run.

Whatever occasion arises I will either
run or not run but either way will
think of you!


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