New Year Dreams

The holidays have gone
and have taken the old year with them.

Packing away the ornaments
we reminisce on all last year held –
the good and the not so good,
the bad and the pure evil,
the sadness and bitter tears,
the good and the not so good,
the wonder and pure magic.

We decide which we will carefully wrap
with tissue and store for next year.
Even tears, all the bitterness
polished off, will glitter on a tree
in another season.

The trees are not weighed down by
the addition of more memories,
are not bound by the garland of stories
wrapped round them.

In fact, the more ornaments,
the more they twinkle and glitter
and shine.

So now on this last day of the year
it’s time to choose wisely what we
want to keep and what we can
toss away.  Toss the anger and
bitterness, the fear and disappointment.
Polish the lessons and pack them up.

Take a moment in this time of
in between – with the old year packed up
and the new one not begun –
to project a little hope and wonder
some pre-happiness into next year!

Take a moment to dream
and polish that and set it right
out front and center to look at
because there’s a new dawn
a new day, a brand new day
and a new year full of new dreams
and it’s almost here!

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